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How YOU can be a Farmerado

There are plenty of ways you can get involved in Farmerados and help us to reach more farmers. 

You can talk about us to people you meet and on social media. Ask at your local farming events if they’ve heard of us, follow us on socials and engage in our posts. Get in touch and have a chat about other ways to be involved; we’re always happy to talk. 

Find a Farmhouse Kitchen

With your help, we aim to attend as many farming events as possible. We will be at Frome Market and Sedgemoor Market on a monthly basis and will also be popping up at a variety of agricultural shows and events throughout the year. 

Here’s where the kettle is always on… 

  • Every third Saturday at Sedgemoor Market
  • Every first Wednesday at Frome Market 
  • Occasional appearances at Cutcombe Market
  • If you are part of a farmer group, or feel that Farmerados would add value to your network, then gives us a call as we would love to help you set up your own Farmhouse Kitchen Table.

Our summer programme is filling up with commitments to attend:-

  • The Somerset YFC Rally on Saturday 27th April at The Showground, Shepton Mallet
  • North Somerset Show on Monday 6th May
  • Dunster Show on Friday 16th August
  • The Dairy Show on Wednesday 2nd October at The Showground, Shepton Mallet

To support us at any of these events, get in touch here.

If you are not from a farming background but love our ethos, then head over to Camerados to find a public living room in your area that you might enjoy

Set Up a Farmhouse Kitchen

Anyone can set up a Farmhouse Kitchen. If you do start one, it becomes a collaborative effort and not something you are solely responsible for. All are run with a pot of tea and a pack of biscuits with the six simple values in mind. The main aim is to make everyone feel welcome and listened to in a non-judgemental environment.

Some kitchen tables are temporary or one-offs, and some become regular features. There are no rules; it’s flexible and relaxed. We just want to spread the word and encourage more farmers to talk and find support from people who ‘get it’. 


How to set up a Farmhouse Kitchen

Think places with a high volume of farmers passing through, where you can set up camp, get the kettle on and have a chin wag.

There are no strict rules, but here’s some guidance on how to make it as appealing as possible…


Aim for comfy rather than clinical. Fold out camping chairs or a dining-type table to sit around. Relaxed and informal works best, and then make it feel inviting with biscuits, hot drinks, and maybe a game people can dip in and out of. 


Stories have been the thread that connects humans since the dawn of man, and we’re no different now. Encouraging farmers to come in and share their stories with others without fear of judgment is a key part of the Farmerados ethos.


We like to have some gentle reminders of the six simple values dotted around the place so anyone spending time there can easily understand the tone we’re going for. There’s something in the box to help you with this.

Got a great idea for a farmhouse kitchen? Get in touch, and we’ll talk it through.

Help Run a Farmhouse Kitchen

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic supporters to come along and help at events we already have in place. If you can make a decent cuppa and are a good listener, we’d love to have you help us.

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