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The Somerset Project That’s Getting Farmers Talking – PRESS RELEASE 16.06.23

Farmers are being encouraged to share the load with people who ‘get it’

Pop-up farmhouse kitchens have been appearing at agricultural markets and events across Somerset. Offering a friendly corner where the kettle is always on, the biscuits are aplenty, and farmers can drop in to offload with others who understand farming life. 

Our farmers are the backbone of the country, diligently working away at all hours and in all weathers to provide the food many take for granted and with little to no time for themselves. Yet they are so often overlooked when it comes to well-being and mental health. As pressures on farming families continue to rise, who is looking out for them?

Farmerados hopes to be the answer to that question. Based on the principles of Camerados, a global social movement, Farmerados is aimed specifically at farmers and run by volunteers who understand agricultural life and know how tough it can be at times. Many farmers are struggling in silence with devastating consequences, but Farmerados believe that a conversation can have a big impact on somebody’s day by helping farmers to realise they are not alone and that sharing their worrisome load can really take some weight off. 

The team at Camerados have been highly supportive of the project, Founder Maff Potts had this to say: 

“We love how Rupert and Farmerados have built on the Camerados idea and taken it to places we wouldn’t have dreamt of. Brilliantly adapting our “public living rooms” into their “Farmhouse kitchens”, they are using their great relationship with the farming community to put the kettle on and make a heck of difference using the Camerados principles and a lot of cake. We’re incredibly proud to be shoulder to shoulder with them in this movement”

They don’t claim to be fixers, and the premise is simply about bringing farmers together in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment where they can talk openly and be alongside others who truly understand the struggles faced. 

Originally a spark of inspiration from Becky Wright of Love Community CIC, Farmerados has the potential to really make a difference in our agricultural communities. Rupert Cox, a well-known figure among Somerset farmers, has been brought on board to drive the project forward and ensure the drop-in farmhouse kitchens ‘pop up’ in as many places across Somerset as possible. 

We asked Becky about the idea at the core of Farmerados:

“We need to step away from having experts and patients in our support system. It’s time to really appreciate that when we are low or struggling in life, turning to a friend, especially one who understands and shares our life journey, is magic. Farming is a community, and the way to help is with and through the community. Farmerados is such a brilliant example of this. It’s not there to fix, just to come alongside. It’s been such a pleasure to see this project grow friendships and change lives since it started.”

To find out more about the project, including where to find a drop-in session and how to volunteer to help, as well as a valuable resources section for anyone in need of more than just a chat, head over to the newly launched website at or join the conversation on Facebook, simply search for Farmerados. 

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